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Welcome to The Willow Tree Preschool, where we believe academic preparation for Kindergarten starts in preschool. We believe children learn best when surrounded with an environment filled with love and structure and an opportunity for exploration. Children develop and mature greatly in preschool years. At this age, children need to form social contacts with others of their own age. Preschool provides the opportunity for group play with friends under careful supervision and conditions not possible at home .We invite your child to participate in a preschool experience that will prepare them for Kindergarten and its academics and to develop a love for learning.

We also help preserve the Earth for our children and their children's children by sending registration documents, communications, receipts, and newsletters out to parents through email rather than on printed paper. We also offer a re-purposed Art program, re-using items around us for creative art projects. We are also an Eco-Healthy certified program. Eco-Healthy Child Care® is a national program that ensures child care settings are as happy, healthy, safe and green as possible by reducing children’s exposure to toxins. We also serve only Organic/Non-GMO foods and grow some of our own!


(3 year olds)

This program supports three-year olds (preschoolers) as they begin to learn self-help skills and social interactions through conflict resolution. We promote vocabulary in English and Spanish. We teach the alphabet, counting, colors, numbers, music and movement and so much more, in both English and Spanish. We also promote problem solving along with creativity, art, gardening, food education, beginning bilingual math and science.

(4-5 year olds)

To prepare for kindergarten, activities promote vocabulary, the alphabet, & pre-reading skills through phonics games, rhymes, and word play. We promote science exploration, math & numbers, logical reasoning. Creativity, socialization, art, gardening, food education, music & movement are also emphasized.


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Monthly tuition due on the 1st of every month:

Preschool- $220 (includes snack)

Pre-K- $280 (includes snack)

*Sibling discounts are available* (see Contact for more details)


Enrolling our son into the Willow Tree Preschool was one of the best decisions we ever made. Benjamin loved it there so much. Each and every day, he woke up, excited to go to school -- something that he has never felt at any other school! And when he got home, he was always eager to share about all the things he had experienced and learned during the day. We're so grateful to Ms. Analiese. She is such a patient, passionate, fun, personable, and brilliant teacher. She keeps every class inspiring, interesting, and lively, which has infused Benjamin with so much growth and confidence. I can't thank her enough for all she has done! Any child who gets to be her student is beyond lucky.

Testimonial by Rhoda Shapiro

I can’t say enough good things about this school. My son loves to go here!! The preschool is very friendly at the same time very professional and the kids learn so much there. The projects are super fun and educative. They really make sure kids are ready for Kindergarten and more! Analiese and her staff maintain a great balance of fun, learning, and discipline.

Testimonial by Amitava

I cannot emphasize enough how much we love The Willow Tree Preschool! Our 3 & 4 year olds were in a different preschool for 10 months and it dawned on me that my 4 year old didn't even know how to write her name! Analiese has structured curriculum and makes sure her students will be ready for Kindergarten. Such a relief to know my kids now have a great start to their school careers! I switched both of my kids into the pre k class and within the first week my 4 year old could write her name. I can't believe how much they are learning. They just needed someone to teach them. Analiese has so much patience! She's so nice and loving and she gives back to the community. She has a green classroom and she provides the kids only non GMO organic snacks! She makes sure each day is special for every one of the kids. I wish they could stay here for all of their school years! A preschool like this is priceless. One if the best decisions I've ever made.

Testimonial by Jamie Dean
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Hours: Monday - Friday 8:15AM - 2:30PM
Phone: 209-830-1433
Location: Tracy, CA
E-mail: thewillowtreepreschool@yahoo.com
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